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Iron Sysadmin Podcast

May 28, 2021

Welcome to Episode #102

Main Topic

Rich Bowen - CentOS Community Manager

  • Who is Rich? 
  • Centahs, mentos, or Cent O S?
  • So.. CentOS Stream then.. 
    • Really, what’s the fuss about?
    • What’s the future of CentOS look like?
  • How to find rich:
    • YT Channel?
    • Socials? @centos @rbowen


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    • 22532
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  • Nothing New



  • Been busy with life stuff - moving son and daughter out of college, daughter graduated college, son and I went on a Scouting canoe trip. Been playing Monster Hunter Rise and Valheim, with a dash of the remastered Mass Effect on PS4
  • On Facebook hiatus
  • Considering doing a webinar type thing around basics of 3D printing.





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