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Iron Sysadmin Podcast

Feb 11, 2022

Welcome to Episode 116




  • Nate has been sucked into valheim, deep
    • I googled this and was very let down when I saw NO HAMMERS…  *sigh* [XenoPhage]
    • But managed to get older last week
    • And watch the King of the Hammers race! 
    • Hand-me-down computer fail.
  • unclemarc 
    • And here I thought the mistake was buying the PS5
    • Finished watching The Expanse, now started buying the books and am re-watching series from beginning
    • Made the mistake of downloading Destiny 2 on the PS5
  • Jason
    • Work work work
    • I’ll beat Halo..  Just need to actually play it..
    • Fell in an Aground rabbit hole..
    • Rewatching Merlin


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Intro and Outro music credit: Tri Tachyon, Digital MK 2