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Iron Sysadmin Podcast

Dec 6, 2018

Welcome to Episode 50


  • Ed Skoudis on ISA Episode 51! 12/12


Worth the time

by Coolguy1067

Great podcast with a wide variety of IT topics. Thanks guys.

Great Show

by JerryKinh

I am a Network/Systems Admin in the mining industry. I really like the topics you cover and your insight on the IT world.


Main topic

  • Re:invent
    • Vegas is weird
      • Disney land for adults
    • Scale
      • 50k attendees
      • It feels like 7 different conferences in one
      • 7 venues
      • Meals, snacks
      • staff
      • Evenings
      • Monday Night Live
    • Content
      • Chalk talks
      • Breakout sessions
      • Keynotes
      • Deep dives
      • Bootcamp
    • Certification
      • Seems like all written
      • The bootcamps were designed to prep you for exams.
    • Announcements
      • Blockchain!Blockchain
      • Firecracker
        • This is basically a secure microvm infrastructure
      • AWS Outposts
        • You can now run the cloud in your datacenter… ?
      • Lambda Layers
        • Seems similar to docker layers?
      • Lambda ALB
      • AWS Ground Station
        • Satellites, like, literally..
      • EFS infrequent access
      • Glacier deep archive
    • Talks I saw
    • Re:Play
      • Jen Lasher
      • Mija
      • Skrillex

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