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Iron Sysadmin Podcast

Sep 9, 2020

Welcome to Episode 87

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  • Used to love it - DeathByHubris (2-stars, booo) (Sorry Marc…)
    • uncle mark just annoys me way too much to keep listening. brought the show from 4 or 5 stars to 2, and frankly just not worth listening. his constant interruptions to inject unfunny jokes, repetition lines, and very loud periodic yelling, have ruined a once enjoyable listen. unsubscribing and removing from recommend list
  • Sucking me in!! - frame:45 (5-stars)
    • I’ve had this podcast on my phone for a while but just lately started diving in. Really liking the tech info and the personal interaction back and forth. Personalities make me feel like I’m listening to friends that I’ve never met in person. Thanks for the show guys. Love the interviews, really enjoy hearing how people got into tech!!
  • Fun to hear from like minded folk - iamtehMichael (5-stars)
    • It’s been a fun show so far to listen to. Thanks for making these!


  • [unclemarc] I like reading books, so I finally bought a Kindle Fire. I share my thoughts after 24 hours or so
  • [gangrif] passed my RHCE, but you know that by now
  • [gangrif] dad and I built an awesome double-sided desk for the kids to do their home-schooling from.
  • [xenophage] *grumble* 3D Printing
  • [xenophage] Still working on barcade




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