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Iron Sysadmin Podcast

Nov 20, 2020

Welcome to Episode 92

Main Topic

  • Interview with Ed Skoudis! 
    • Who is Ed?
    • What is holiday hack (for those that are new to this)
    • How many participants did you get last year?
    • What sort of new theme can we expect this year?
    • You guys developed an entire web game engine for this.. How'd that go?
    • What kind of infrastructure do you have the event running on this year?
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Nothing New




“News” (not really)

  • Parler…  
    • Was originally intended to be pronounced as “Parlay”.  
    • It feels sort of like “old” twitter. Or even ‘old’ facebook
      • No filtering, little moderation
      • Timeline is chronological instead of curated
      • Simple UI, not cluttered with ads
      • No fact checking
    • Pros
      • Doesn’t appear to use a tracking cookie (though i could be wrong)
    • Cons
      • Well… It’s a bit of an echo chamber at the moment
    • Critical Mass
    • We get a little passionate...

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