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Iron Sysadmin Podcast

Jan 28, 2022

Welcome to Episode 115

Main Topic 

  • How has sysadminning changed
    • System Operator
    • System Administrator
    • BOFH references galore
    • The ability to automate builds made it easier to build faster
    • But systems were still mostly manually configured
    • Now systems were not bound to hardware in the traditional sense
    • VM Sprawl
      • Meant larger fleets to manage
    • Templating and cloning makes standing up new machines even faster/simpler
    • Pets vs Cattle
    • Disposable systems
    • Containerization
    • Infrastructure as code! 
    • On-demand functions like lambda
    • Any predictions on what Sysadmin will look like in 10 more years? Or even 5?! 
    • Sysadmin in the classic sense
    • Early Build Automation (such as kickstart, and ghost)
    • Virtual Machines, and what that meant
    • Config management and automation
    • Cloud Deployments
    • What’s next?

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